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Renowned Feng Shui Master Li Jiuyi from Singapore: How to use the Book of Changes to resolve villains and Tian Shan Dun?

Small people are everywhere, because wherever there are people, there is struggle. From the perspective of the Book of Changes, villains and gentlemen are in opposition.

A villain is not absolute, it is relative. In your eyes, a villain may be a gentleman in the eyes of others, and in your eyes, a gentleman may be a villain in the eyes of others.

From a micro perspective, a villain may be someone with a different perspective than you. From a macro perspective, a villain is a despicable and lowly person with a little bit of ignorance.

Since villains are everywhere, we need to have the right way to resolve them. Let's take a look at the Tian Shan Dun Gua in the Book of Changes.

The Tian Shan Dun hexagram states that the upper hexagram represents Qian, the lower hexagram represents Shan, and Qian represents Tian. There are mountains in the world, which means that the sky is high and the mountains are far away. Xiang said: There are mountains in the world, escape. A gentleman is far from a petty person, not evil but strict.

The meaning is that we should not use the method of repaying evil for evil to deal with petty people. We should adopt a strict attitude to express our stance and avoid it, waiting for further action.

You can't smile at someone who hurts you. As soon as you smile at him, he takes a step forward and intensifies, either towards you or others. So we must be strict with no evil!

At the same time, we should also stay away from petty people. Because at a time when the mountains are high and the sky is far away, when the yin and yang are long and the villain is in power, the gentleman needs to temporarily retreat. This is the wisdom of the Book of Changes.

Some people may say that in this society, gentlemen have a place to retreat. Don't you need to eat anymore?

Retreat is a discipline that has multiple forms of expression, both clear and dark. There are direct and indirect options, and it is up to oneself to choose a solution based on the actual environment.

Whether it's a company or a country, if a gentleman resigns, it's also in danger.

Imagine a company where talented people all resign, leaving only a group of people who know how to make a living. The outcome is predictable, and this is the classic form of Yin Chang Yang Xiao.

Some bosses are very funny, they don't value talent in the company and only like to listen to people flattering.

When he ran out of talent, he would constantly curse and talk about how others turned against him, how the company trained him, as if they had never helped him with any work.

This is a cognitive problem for some people, there is no way. At present, there are many people of this kind in society, and I also have many articles in the background. With different opinions, I always leave messages and curse.

My corresponding method for this type of product is to directly blacklist it. I won't argue with it, nor do I want to waste this time and energy.

Because arguing with such people is meaningless, you can never change them. Both sides have different knowledge and cognition, and there is no outcome to the argument. It's best to use the method of Tian Shan Dun Gua in the previous section, stay away from petty people, and get close to gentlemen.